Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the efforts of students, educators, and families in order to pave open and accessible pathways for all students to excel.

Email: president@grangerelpta.com

Phone: (801) 918-6554

Registered Charity: 87-0460574

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The work of the Granger Elementary PTA is only possible through the generous investments of our community partners. Investments include financial contributions, volunteer service, and more.

Registered Charitable Organization

The Granger Elementary PTA is a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization.


We are uniquely positioned to meaningfully better student lives. Our unique partnership with Granger Elementary school magnifies our impact.

Committed to Equity

Our organization is committed to the pursuit of educational equity for Granger Elementary's diverse student population.

Trailblazing a Path


We're flipping the typical PTA model on its head in pursuit of an innovative model of what parent-teacher associations can do in Title I schools.